We're a small streamer's best friend.


    You stream every day. You pour your heart into every second of content. But how can you grow your viewers, followers, and subscribers? Use our chatbot to connect with other streamers like yourself to start winning.

  • How It Works

    Every time to raid a channel in our network, you earn raid credits. The more raid credits you earn, the more likely you are to get raided by a fellow streamer!


    Stream Like A Champ

    Do your thing and stream like you always do. When you are ready to shut it down, let Raid Dog's chatbot help you grow.


    Ask Raid Dog To Map Your Raid

    Type "!mapmyraid" into chat (Mods only!) and let our service find the best channel to raid!


    Earn Your Raid Credits

    Copy/paste the /raid command our chatbot returns an you'll earn raid credits for every viewer that raids.


    Turn On Auto-Raid

    If you like our service and want our chatbot to auto-raid for you, we can make that happen for you.


    Learn how our algorithm works so you can maximize your winning.

    Mapping The Most Powerful Raid

    Once you ask our chatbot for help, we search all of the live channels across our network to find the more powerful raid.

    What Is A Powerful Raid?

    We're here for small streamers, so we pick the channel with the most raid credits and the fewest active viewers. This way, you help your fellow streamers grow!

    Earn Your Credits To Climb The Charts

    You earn raid credits for each viewer you send to another channel using our system. The more credits you earn, the more likely you are to earn the most powerful raid selection when another streamer maps their next raid!


    You're ready to start growing your stream while also helping your fellow small streamers? Cool. Let's do this!