• Strengthen Your Streaming Community

    Tokens are the next generation collectable for next generation content creators.

  • How Tokens Work

    We're creating the future of collectables for the future of entertainment.
    We're different, and we like it. Let's dig into what Tokens are all about and how they are shaping the future.

    Find Your Favorites

    We know you have your favorites...

    Using our app, you can trade Tokens for your favorite streamers. Is your favorite streamer blowing up? Maybe it’s time to sell those Tokens you bought a few weeks back before everyone realized how amazing their content was. Or maybe its HODL time because you know they are just scratching the surface and this spike in viewers is just the start of something even bigger.

    More Trades = More Tokens

    Free Tokens FTW!!!

    Every time you trade a Token, you are entered into a lottery to win a free token. Hurry up though! Every time we mint a new Token, it gets a little harder to win.


    Why make it harder after each lottery? Simple. The fewer Tokens that are out there, the more your Tokens are worth? We imagine you’d be pretty upset if you just bought some Tokens for your favorite streamer only to find out that we just made a whole bunch more of them for “free”! We wouldn't do that to you...

    Next-Gen Collectables

    Safely collect The future

    Growing up, you likely collected cards of some sort. Do you remember your first Pokemon GX, that foil Planeswalker in Magic: The Gathering your friends wanted, or maybe the rookie card for your favorite player that just got inducted into the Hall of Fame?


    Our next-generation entertainers are replacing the bent, damaged, and lost cardboard with our indestructible Tokens. Your mom will never sell these in a garage sale for a ridiculously low price. You own them, you control them!

  • Jump In And Help Shape The Future

    We opened up our Discord server so you can let us know what you think about our platform, ways we can improve it, and any other thoughts you may have! We know we have some good ideas, but we know yours are probably better...


    Plus, we know you'll have a good time chatting with other Token traders as we work together to support our favorite entertainers.