• With Tokens...

    you gain piece of mind.

    Instant Value

    From the moment you launch

    When your Token is launched, you gain instant monetary value.

    Grows With You

    Just like a baseball card

    As your career grows, so can the value of your Tokens. It's no different than that Babe Ruth card your grandfather covets.

    Protects You

    Your revenue is safe

    Take a vacation. Go to a live event. Your token revenue can grow even when you aren't streaming.

  • How would you handle losing 40,000 subscribers?

    We have your back. Be protected against the next sub-pacolypse.

    Our platform provides you with instant protection and long-term financial stability.

    You're free to live you life how you want, knowing that your Tokens are always being traded. Cash tournaments, vacations, or just some random time off from streaming can all be events that continue to grow your income.

  • How Tokens Work

    Modeled after blockchain technology (think Bitcoin and Ethereum), your Tokens are intentionally scarce. This scarcity drives value up as your community grows. You’ve seen this work with 100 Thieves and their apparel drops and Travis Scott’s latest Jordan collab, so why not leverage this approach with your own brand?

    50% Each Initial Token Sale

    When you launch your token, they launch at the same cost of your standard subscription. For every token sold, you earn half of that! This gives you a nice bump in income right away!

    1% On Every Trade

    Every trade of your Tokens earns you 1% of the trade value. This means you earn while you sleep, vacation, travel, or whatever else you like to do!

    You're The Best Marketing

    Your fan base loves you and all of your content. Use everything you already worked so hard to create as a way to get the word out about your Tokens!

    Give Back To Your Fans

    Until now, your content and community are your only channels for give back to your fans. With your Tokens, your fans can earn too! As the value of your Tokens grow, so do the opportunities for your fans!

    Intentionally Scarce

    We modeled our Tokens after other blockchain technologies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.). This means that the value of your Tokens stays strong because they are meant to be scare.

  • You + Tokens = Awesome

    Give us a little info about you and. your community and we'll start working with you to get the Token party started.